Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment from Riverside Autos in Wrexham for all makes and models.

Incorrect alignment can result in rapid and irregular tyre wear and can even affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. Wheel alignment is generally affected by hitting potholes in the road or by excessive wear to steering or suspension components. Alignment of wheels and tyres to the specification required by your vehicle is an important way to guarantee a smooth ride and to get the most out of your tyres.

Hofmann Geoliner 650

At Riverside we have the latest, up-to-date technology and equipment.

For wheel alignment and tracking we use the Hofmann Geoliner 650 imaging alignment system.

Our Geoliner 650 is one of the best imaging alignment systems out there. It contains a VODI graphic display used with high-definition cameras to get the clearest visuals and views along with the direction assistance for maximum accuracy.